Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zentek

Around 9 billion people will live on Earth in 2050. Limited arable land, climate change and distribution issues make feeding the future world's population a daunting challenge. Where people can decide how to feed themselves, they place greater emphasis on safe and healthy food, animal welfare and the preservation of biodiversity. Innovations on a large scale are in demand, people who design them are urgently needed. Science is called upon - in close coordination with business and politics - to make a future-oriented contribution here.In the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg, the four most important universities have teamed up with leading research institutions to find timely solutions for sustainable food systems. Dedicated scientists founded FoodBerlin, a research and innovation network on nutrition systems, in 2016. Together they develop innovative services for research, teaching and consulting. They look at the entire value chain - from primary production to consumer behaviour.Knowledge creates change! FoodBerlin has the critical mass to address research, education and consulting on sustainable nutrition systems in an innovative and interdisciplinary way.