For Everyone

Food for the Future” a lecture series with internationally distinguished speakers (in English) on topics related to sustainable food systems. In loose order several times a year. Hybrid event, currently mainly as webinar.
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Science in the Dinosaur Hall“: A lecture series of the Faculty of Life Sciences of the HU Berlin and the Museum of Natural History Berlin. The lectures (in German by prominent speakers take place on Friday evenings at 19.30h in the famous “Sauriersaal” of the Museum of Natural History. Admission free, information and registration on the website.

For Students and Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral Day
FoodBerlin organizes an annual meeting where PhD students exchange ideas and get new inputs from the Berlin environment. Lectures, poster sessions and discussions led by experienced PhD students or postdocs will provide you with ideas and contacts in Berlin’s food scene. If you are interested in organizing such a meeting (together with others), please contact us.
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Work during the day, explore Berlin in the evening. During a one-week summer school, you will get to know research projects and the institutions of Berlin/Brandenburg food groups through lectures and guided tours. The main topics change every year. The group consists of a maximum of 25 participants. For foreign participants there might be the possibility of DAAD scholarships. Accommodation is by self-booking in a hostel/hotel of your choice (we are happy to give recommendations). You will be self-catering, whereby lunch can be taken in a canteen/canteen. The contribution towards expenses is 250,- EURO. You can find more information here.

Contact exchange
Would you like to write a graduate thesis on sustainable food systems issues in the Berlin/Brandenburg area or do your PhD in this field? The contact exchange establishes direct connections between students, PhD students and scientists. Send an email with your framework data and preferences. We will pass the information on to suitable working groups.

For Members

Support for collaborative projects
FoodBerlin arranges contacts to partner groups and research sponsors and provides conceptual/logistical support in applying for collaborative projects. Please briefly describe your request.
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Calendar of events
Please send us brief information about your events, which we will then gladly include in the calendar and link.
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Email distribution list for information and requests
Please send your request (e.g. job offers, contacts, technical questions, material) to our members and associated members via our mailing list.
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For Externals

If you are a decision-maker in business, administration or politics and need advice or expert opinions from experienced specialists, please send us an email with your request. We will get back to you and try to find a suitable offer.
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For the qualification of experts from economy, administration and politics we offer further education in different areas of the food sector. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Job Offers

Send us announcements for graduate work, internships or open positions. We will post your information on the website under “Job Offers”.