Research thrives on new ideas stimulated by exchange and cooperation. It is particularly useful when the results are communicated to the next generation, brought to the public and put into practice. In order to conduct research efficiently, funds are needed, which must be applied for competitively from funding organizations. To strengthen the contribution of science to the fields of action of sustainable production, processing and marketing of food, FoodBerlin has a wide range of activities in the following areas:

Support research

Innovative research to improve our food systems emerges at the interfaces between disciplines. Therefore, FoodBerlin initiates and supports interdisciplinary collaborative projects. Cooperation is also the basis for applying for third-party funding from research sponsors such as the DFG, BMBF, BML or EU. As a network, we also create access to international funding programs that are difficult to reach for individual groups. In most cases, scientists and doctoral or graduate students work together in the projects.

Thematic fields in which collaborative projects exist or are being established:

> Animal Health
> Intensive agricultural production systems
> Food Safety
> Sustainable and resilient food systems in politics and society
> Sustainable value chains for food security in Africa

Promoting young talent

The rapid development in the field of food systems requires experts who are familiar with international trends and can shape new concepts of food production, processing and marketing. FoodBerlin imparts this expertise. In addition to university teaching, the members of FoodBerlin offer students and doctoral candidates numerous opportunities to deepen their knowledge in this field:

> Annual PhD day
> Annual Summerschool
> Graduation theses, doctoral thesis topics

Consulting and qualification

The working groups organized in FoodBerlin (see list of members) offer a broad pool of experience covering the entire food value chain, from primary production, processing and marketing to agricultural economics and consumer behavior.

We advise on decisions, provide expert opinions and offer training events > Offers for Externals

Public Relations

FoodBerlin aims to contribute to raising public awareness of the concerns of sustainable food systems. To this end, we hold high-profile events and draw attention to corresponding activities by other providers.

> “Food for the Future“: a series of lectures with internationally renowned speakers (in English)

> “Science in the Dinosaur Hall“: a series of lectures by the Faculty of Life Sciences of the HU Berlin and the Museum of Natural History Berlin. Lectures in German

> Calendar of Events: Members inform about events